Gadget Guy

Gadget Guy is my blogname for my husband, as I got bored of typing ‘dear husband’, ‘other half’ etc and he’s really not a ‘hubby’ type. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to write a post about him for some time but I’ve not had the opportunity to sit quietly and collect my thoughts for long enough until now.

GG and I have been married now for nearly six and a half years, and have been together since we were seventeen, twelve years ago. We met at our Saturday jobs while we were both in high school, as we worked in the same supermarket. I worked behind the delicatessen counter while he was a shelf stacker. This gave me plenty of opportunity to eye up his fine form, an opportunity that I never tired of exercising! In the months before we started going out, I must have talked about him to my friends in school ad nauseum, but to their credit (thank you, Jo!) they put up with me very well and even helped me to come up with ideas to engineer a date between us. Anyway, to cut a long story short, we started dating, but were only able to see each other on Friday nights and whilst we were in work on Saturdays as we lived a fair distance apart. Many people around us said that it wouldn’t work out as we were seeing each other so infrequently. Then, after our A-levels he went to university one hundred miles away from my home while I took a gap year. Once again, as we were only able to see each other once a month, almost everyone around us thought that this would be the end of our relationship. We proved them wrong, however, and exchanged letters and phone calls frequently through the year and before we knew it he was home for the summer. Then, due to various circumstances, we unexpectedly ended up sharing a student house with two of our friends. The ‘gloom-mongers’ around us were convinced that this, finally, would be the straw that would break the camel’s back, as we had never before been able to spend so much time together. However, if it was possible we grew closer and even better friends from the time and space that we now shared.

In my final year of university, we discovered that I was expecting our first child, Handsome, and this was when GG really showed the generous and loving nature of the man with whom I had chosen to spend my life. I was cossetted and spoilt throughout the pregnancy and beyond (it never really ended, if truth be told!), with him taking over the majority of the cooking and cleaning, and then once Handsome was born devoting much of his out of work time to caring for our new son so that I could complete my law degree. Ever since the day when the midwife first put Handsome in his arms he has shown himself to be a devoted and selfless father, more than willing to take on as much of the parenting as he is able. Three years later, we were delighted to welcome Cheeky to the world, and once again GG showed just how wonderful a man he is by taking over complete care of our newborn and our (then) three year old while I fought off both chickenpox and the baby blues which were exacerbated by not being allowed to hold my new baby for fear of passing on the infection to him.

Even now he cares for me and spoils me by regularly taking over the cooking and cleaning duties, and giving me a lie in every single Sunday, complete with breakfast in bed. He is there to share my giggles and to pick me up when I am feeling down. He has never been critical of me in our twelve years together, and I can’t remember having any serious arguments with him. I feel very fortunate to share my life and my children with such a wonderful man, and I am truly blessed to have found him at such a young age. He is patient, kind, loving, giving, tolerant, funny and cute, and I feel myself to be the luckiest girl in the world to have him for my husband and best friend. I wanted to write this to publicly let him know how much I love, admire and appreciate him, and to tell him that I know that my housekeeping skills are not the best (I would have been sacked years ago if this had been a ‘proper’ job!) but I really do want to work on it and become as good a wife to you as you are already a brilliant husband to me! Love you!


8 Responses

  1. 🙂

  2. Aww Jennie, what a lovely post. GG is one very lucky man too.

  3. It’s the daft expression on your face that I remember the most vividly – but only because you still wear it today when you talk about NDT* 😀

    * Not David Tennant

  4. Daft?! I’m not sure I like that!

  5. What a gorgeous post, Jennie! I love reading stuff like this- you learn so much! It sounds like you guys are a match made in heaven. 🙂

  6. Soppy, then!

  7. Beautiful post 🙂

  8. Thank you!

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