Confused pigs!

So, to add to Jo’s account of her ambitious cockerel, Captain Flint, I offer this photo of her confused sows, Tia and Scrumpy!

Tia and Scrumpy

While we were moving Bailey and Brini’s pig ark this afternoon, we noticed Tia and Scrumpy getting a little ‘familiar’ with each other. Just to clarify, they are both girl pigs (for any townies reading who don’t know what sows are!), but are both in season as well, and obviously desperate to continue their line!

I suppose the old saying really is true; any port in a storm!


7 Responses

  1. I have four cats ( all neutered, 3 male, one female) doing that at the mo..

    maybe its the moon

    or just that time of the month?

  2. I shouldn’t have put them so close to Bailey, I think that’s what set them off, especially as all three girls are on heat but only Brini was getting any action…

    And we knew when it was time to “do” the cats when they started playing together in a slightly more adult manner!

    And don’t even get me started on the dogs!

  3. LOL, thse pics are priceless!

    Our neutered cat Max was once discovered making sweet, sweet love to Ian’s motorbike leathers…it was rather disturbing!

  4. […] another week so that Scrumpy (They clearly got bored of waiting for me to make a decision and took matters into their own hands yesterday, as Jennie captured on film…) This morning, the sun was shining and the sky was […]

  5. hee, hee, the poor things they’re desperate.

  6. Bless them, I’ve not had much experience with animals before this last few months, only having had a pet tortoise and a golden retriever when I was growing up. It’s certainly been an experience over the last few months!

  7. we have a confused boy cat thats really confused here at our house

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