Dodging the rain

HeronToday, Welshpurpletree and I managed to dodge between the rain showers and have a walk to a local lake in Tredelerch Park. The lake was recently created near the mouth of the River Rhymney, and is a hidden oasis, not known well yet to Cardiff residents.

There is a cinder or gravel path around the circumference of the lake, and a bridge over a shallow section of one end of the lake. It’s quite a disconcerting bridge to cross, as it has no handrails, is only three feet wide and weaves across the water. It is necessary to watch your feet as you cross to make sure you don’t fall in, and watching the boards go underfoot is quite hypnotic!

Lots of dog owners take their canine friends to the lake for their daily walk, as the walk around the lake is of a decent length and also there is plenty of rough grassland in the park for the animals to play on. I’ve even seen some people walking a shetland pony round the lake!

WPT and I thought we saw a heron (the photo above is my pitiful attempt to capture his image), and there are also lots of ducks and swans that make the lake their home. It’s a shame that it’s right next door to Lamby Way landfill as today there was a definite smell coming from the tip, but on the whole you can usually manage to ignore the passing traffic and focus instead on the calming nature of the water and surrounds.

Tredelerch Park

I really enjoyed the walk, and am glad that I have places like this within easy reach of my home even though I live in a city. I’m also very appreciative of the fact that I have both the time and the good health to be able to enjoy visits to places like this.


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