On Wednesday, Jo and I went down to Ogmore by Sea for a walk. jo, snipe and midge at ogmore

The dogs loved being off their leads as there was no-one else on the beach when we arrived.

frozen rock pool at ogmore

It really was incredibly cold. I’ve never seen frozen rock pools before; there were also icicles and a mini glacier at the edge of the beach – I was incredibly impressed!

snipe and midge at ogmore

Snipe (the labrador) was loving dashing in and out of the sea, despite the low temperatures, but Midge preferred to stay just on the dry side of the waves and watch her friend chasing sticks into the ocean!

We hope to make these walks regular occurrences, weather dependent, and in answer to your question Jo, I think we should try somewhere else along that same bit of coastline. I like the sea!


6 Responses

  1. There’s been a suggestion for Southerndown… how about it?

  2. There is nothing more cheering this time of year than taking doggies for a lovely long walk on a bright day. And what a bonus to have such a lovely beach nearby!

  3. Southerndown sounds good – we shall discuss it in great depth when you arrive in approximately four minutes for your tea!

  4. Matron – it was really lovely, and we are indeed very lucky to live so close to the sea. We plan to explore more local beaches in the coming weeks. Lucky dogs!

  5. Great pics, don’t think we’ve visited that beach. Think I will be persuading hubby to take us on an outing to the beach next weekend.

  6. Taking my Dad’s doggies on the beach is one of my favourite things to do! It looks lovely there!

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