Pre-empting verbal abuse

So, yesterday I was glumly inspecting the contents of my food store. I realised that we have a small chocolate cookies-in-jarmountain accruing, which concerns me. You see, to eat and eat over Christmas is acceptable, some might say expected, but to carry this sort of food consummation on into the new year would simply be gluttony. So, I called in the re-enforcements; I let Jo and Hannah know about my food mountain problem, and they both readily volunteered to come and visit that same day. So, yesterday afternoon, both of my good friends appeared and set to clearing the mountain with vim and vigour. Now, I’d like to point out, before I continue, that at no point did I tie them down and force food into reluctant mouths. All I did was to point them at the food, tell them that they should feel free to eat as much as they liked without the usual constraints of politeness in someone else’s house and leave them to it.

I have to say, they did me proud. With a little help from my sons, they cleared a Toblerone, a box of biscuits, some chocolate truffles, a dozen mince pies and a large bag of cashew nuts (not to mention the pizza we had for tea!). We established that the Panettone I bought will be fine until April, and the cookies my friend Maria’s mother gave us are dated May, so we can save them for a later date.


I really need some help with my Christmas cake though, as I’ve not cut into it yet, and I’ve also got an unopened box of asian sweets that my friend Heather sent to me. I’m thinking of taking the sweets to my mother’s and mother in law’s houses to ask for help!


5 Responses

  1. lol… I think that was well written. I agree with the Christmas eating carry on to the new year. Im facing the same probblem except I dont feel like calling for reenforcements 🙂


  2. Thanks very much! I know what you mean about wanting to go it alone; I genuinely felt that I would be sick for the month of January if I tried to clear it all myself, and I really hate throwing food away, even if I know it’s not going to be any good for me!

  3. Cake…. cake…. cake….

    But only if you make more mince pies so they’re warm and gooey straight from the oven…

    Did I just type that?

    Oh my!

  4. Oh what a good idea – calling for reinforcements. I have a sickening amount of sweets and chocolates and have no idea what to do with them all! Just thinking about them makes me feel queasy!

  5. Last year I took all of my surplus biscuits and sweets round to my friend’s house, as they’re all thin as rakes, and can eat anything they like. However, we found out the reason for that when my friend, her sister and her mother were all diagnosed with coeliac disease this year, so I can’t pass it all on to them this year! I’ve still got three quarters of my Christmas cake left, and a bag of pistachio nuts that I want rid of before I start my healthy eating regime – too much temptation!

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