The mystery of the recurring headache

I wasn’t feeling very well yesterday morning, and so didn’t go to work:-( I’ve been having headaches on and off all week, and so I booked in for an optician appointment in case there’s some underlying reason for my headaches. However, the optician was satisfied that there was nothing wrong with my eyes, and that they’re even slightly improved from last year, so my glasses didn’t need changing. This was a welcome surprise, just before Christmas – I can definitely do without the cost of new glasses at the moment!

Anyway, I think I’ll try to get an appointment with the dentist to check that none of my teeth are hiding a problem which might be causing the headaches – the last thing I want is to wake up on Christmas morning with a chronically aching molar!

GG let me have a lovely lie in yesterday in order to catch up with some of the rest that I’d been missing out on through the week – the headaches have been making me really tired, but I’ve not been sleeping very well, which is another mystery! Then, Handsome and I made another Christmas card (photos to come!) for a relative, before heading into town in the afternoon for my optician’s appointment. I always feel so guilty going out of the house if I’ve had the day off sick, but I was only going out to find out why I was ill, and we were straight in and out of town. I was very impressed with the thoroughness of the check I had in Boots Opticians. I think the check took about forty minutes overall, and included pressure checks (does that mean I’m getting old??) and the optician also compared my retinas (I think?!) with pictures of them that he had taken last year. Anyway, I’m relieved that there has been no worsening in my eyes, although intrigued to find out the cause of my headaches. My head seems fine today so far though (touch wood) so I’m hoping that whatever was wrong has sorted itself out! I make a really bad patient (lots of self pity etc) so I hope that I stay well, if only for my family’s sake!


3 Responses

  1. Awwwww, hugs for Jennie xx

  2. Jennie, it sounds to me like your sinuses are playing up. I often get sinus issues where my head hurts and then it feels like toothache- but my dentist says my teeth are perfect (I’ve never had a filling yet). Try taking a decongestant (spelling!!) with painkiller and see if it helps?

    Feel better soon! ((hugs))

  3. Like Suzy I thought of sinuses immediately, they are the main cause of my headaches, along with drinking too much coffee and not enough water :grin:.

    I hope your headaches clear up because they are no fun at all.

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