And so I changed it again!

Ever willing to please, and to accommodate those of you who didn’t like my new black theme very much, how’s this? I like the blue at the edges, as you can see the snow coming down, although I’m not overjoyed with the text over the picture – I want the title up there, but I’d rather it was over the black mountain at the bottom of the picture rather than over the sunset, but beggars can’t be choosers, and I need to remember that this is a free blog, so I can’t expect it to be perfect!

In other news, I hope later on to be able to upload some pictures for your viewing pleasure, to demonstrate what my children and I have been up to recently! But then again, I’d better wait until Jo has had her Christmas card, otherwise it might spoil her surprise. However, there are pictures in my camera of some of our recent crafting efforts, and I will be sharing them with you very shortly.



5 Responses

  1. Oh THANK you..that IS much better…I just couldn’t read the text on the other template at all..( galloping old age I expect!)

    This looks nice !

  2. Hurrah, looks great πŸ™‚

  3. Gets a double thumbs up from me!!

  4. I’m glad you all approve πŸ™‚ – it reminds me of a night sky with snow falling, lit by a torch! And I do like the little girly flowers by the headings on the sidebar!

  5. […] never been happy with the theme I was using before as it looked very old and outdated. Inspired by Jennie’s change(s) (though hers is just temporary, or so she tells us) I thought I’d go for a new look around […]

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