This coming week is rapidly filling up with lots and lots of activities in preparation for Christmas. I don’t think I’m actually going to have time to have Christmas at the rate I’m going, so I’m going to blast the home-made presents for a few days, get my Christmas cards done and then I can relax a little. As a result, I have to postpone the post I wanted to write about the changes here at WordPress as well as the one actually describing my crafting activities. All I can say is, I’ll try to take photos of everything me and the boys do, and then I’ll share it all with you in the New Year! It’s the best I can offer right now!!

One hint I will drop as to my crafting activities is this; I have just spent two hours cutting out hand shapes from paper, and if I see another hand again, it will be too soon. (I know, I know, but I’m tired and grumpy – you try two hours of cutting out hands and see how you like it!) Next, I’m trying to decide whether or not to start piercing holes in cards ready for my children to do some crafting in the morning. Or maybe I should go to bed. It’s just past midnight, and my friend is coming round very early tomorrow morning for a coffee (she is fully aware that I’ll probably get out of bed when the doorbell rings, so that’s OK, and I’m sure is under no misapprehension as to whether I’ll be in PJs or day clothes) so maybe I should sleep. But is sleep for wimps? Maybe I should take up coffee drinking instead? I’ve never managed to find a way to drink coffee which doesn’t result in me nearly being sick, but since I’ve decided that Coca Cola and other similar cola drinks are evil, and tea doesn’t keep me awake at all, I have very few options left. Oh, and I don’t like Red Bull either. So that’s out.

I think my mind’s wandering, so I’m going to let my body go with it and return to being MIA (missing in action). Hopefully I will find time to come back and writer something legible in the next couple of days, but if I’m away for longer, try not to miss me too much!


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  1. Oooh I’m curious as to what you will be doing. Look forward to entries to come in January.

    Take care of yourself.

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