Tree of Happiness



I have been awarded a ‘Tree of Happiness’ by Kittyboo over at Little Slice of Life – thank you!

The rules of this award are:

  1. Link to the person who gave the award to you.
  2. Post the rules on your blog.
  3. List six things that make you happy.
  4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
  5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog
  6. Let the person who awarded you, know when your entry is up.

So, here goes. My six things are;

  1. My family. I know everyone says that, but that’s because it’s true. I am sure that I didn’t laugh nearly as much before I had my boys as I do now (I count my husband as one of my boys, BTW!) My parents are as much friends as they are relations, especially since they moved to Cardiff and we get to spend more time together. I’m also very lucky in my in laws, in that I get on really well with both my mother- and sister in law who both also live in Cardiff and with whom we spend lots of time.
  2. My friends. I am very lucky in that I have a few very good, close friends, with whom I can share my troubles or joys and be guaranteed a sympathetic ear. I try to be a good friend in return, and hope that my closest friends feel valued.
  3. Chocolate. Enough said.
  4. The internet. It keeps me connected with people who I otherwise would not have known or would have lost contact with a long time ago. And I’ve learned loads of crafting tips and techniques from it as well, so it’s all good!
  5. A really good view from the top of a hill or mountain, or a quiet area near a river or the sea. I find wide open spaces or watery landscapes very relaxing, and generally feel much happier once I’ve spent some time in one place or the other.
  6. Like Kittyboo, I really enjoy creating things for people, whether that be food items like my cakes or marmalade, or other crafted things such as crocheted or knitted items, and seeing the appreciation that they provoke when presented to the recipient. I suppose that’s quite a selfish one in a way, almost like asking for praise. To hell with it, I don’t care! Give me the praise! I’m not modest!

So that’s my lot. I know there are more things that make me happy, and I know that there are a couple more which are hovering just at the edge of my memory, eluding me right now. However, I’ve had my six, so I’ll be content. Something extra that makes me happy right now is knowing that there are more than six things in life which make me happy!

So, I have to tag people. I apologise in advance if you didn’t want to be tagged, but I can’t remember the last time I properly tagged anyone to do anything, so I’m not going to get too upset about it! My list of taggees is as follows;

  1. Jo at Bring Me Sunshine, although I could hazard a guess as to half of hers.
  2. Mum at Granny’s Ramblings (and she’d better include me as one of her six!)
  3. Dad at Just Williams (Ditto to the above!)
  4. Welshpurpletree, because I want to know whether the chickens make her top six!
  5. Leechbabe at Stuff With Thing, and
  6. Suzy at Coping With Chaos, because I am genuinely interested in what the pair of them will say.

I can’t believe that I completely forgot to put either music or good books on my list! I can’t get through a day without singing, and my mood can be gauged by how much of a songbird I am; and I have always got at least one book on the go. However, I am a fast reader, so I get through books at a good rate of knots. Anyway, I digress. Back to you! So, what makes you happy?


2 Responses

  1. Tis done.

  2. Thank you. 🙂

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