Cliffy’s coming back!

Yay! I was brought up (as my mother has ever been an adoring fan) on Cliff Richard and the Shadows music. It’s such happy music, and always brings back many happy childhood memories! Anyway, Cliff and the Shadows are doing a reunion tour next year – guess whose mother would like to go to that? Perhaps if I win the lottery I’ll take her – tickets start at about £55 I think, so a little out of my price range for a pair of tickets!

Sorry about the brevity of my post, but I’m getting ready for work right now and really don’t want to miss the bus. I have posted another blogthing though, due to publish at about 9ish, so you don’t need to miss me for too long! Also, I have yet to make sandwiches – so much to do, so little time to get it all done! Have a happy Saturday!


3 Responses

  1. Book the 6th October! We’ll go even if Dad has to miss out on his wedding anniversary present!

  2. I’m so glad I’m not the only person my age who knows nearly all the Shadows tracks, and was word perfect to Summer Holiday by the age of 8. I forwarded the info to my brother and my dad in case they wanted to go, I had the email sent to me by CIA, tickets are £60 plus booking fee. Ouch!

  3. Just had an email from the CIA, they’ve announced a second date, 20th October. Must be THE show to go to next year!

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