A grown up evening – for a change!

Well, GG and I have had a lovely evening tonight. My sister in law and her partner took us out for our birthday meal (our birthdays are in June, but she’s a little late!) and we chose to go to a Thai restaurant as I love Thai food if I cook it myself or buy it from the supermarket but have never been to a proper Thai restaurant. It was really lovely.

Cardiff was absolutely heaving after today’s Welsh win over Australia at rugby in the Millennium Stadium. However, GG’s sister had booked a table and so we had a very short wait. The wait for the food to arrive was a little longer, and we were slightly disappointed that we couldn’t choose from the whole menu, but the food that we ordered was absolutely gorgeous and we thoroughly enjoyed it all.

It was an event for us as it’s rare for us to go out together for an evening meal without the children, and really rare not to eat until 9pm! I felt very grown up!

Anyway, off to bed as I’m worn out from my long day, and I have lots to do tomorrow. Oh, and the restaurant (which I would recommend if any of you visit Cardiff and enjoy Thai food!) was called Thai Edge, and is in the Brewery Quarter at the bottom of St Mary Street.


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