Once again, measles is in the news.

The BBC are reporting today about the high number of cases of measles that the UK have seen this year, relatively to previous years. The increase is believed to be due to the reduced take up of the vaccines. I’ve written about this topic before, and my pro-immunisation stance should be known to my regular readers. I’m not going to repeat myself here again, except to say that I firmly believe that children should be protected against these diseases, unless there is a valid medical reason for not administering the vaccine.

I wonder if someone will post a note on the Environment of Harm Yahoo group again, telling the members to come here and attack my point of view? Oh well, if they do, here’s my message to them:

Welcome to my blog. As it is my blog, it necessarily reflects my point of view, so if you don’t like it, might I suggest you leave? I don’t read blogs that might upset me, or contradict my fundamental beliefs so why should you? Also, don’t you think that the world would be a very boring place if we all thought along the same lines? At the end of the day, I had a huge boost in my readership when you all visited last, which helps to feed my addiction to my blog stats, so really you’re all doing me a favour! Oh, and I’m all for spirited debate, but do me a favour and show me some courtesy. I like to think that you wouldn’t come into my home and verbally abuse me, so please show the same respect here. Otherwise comments may be deleted.

End of message!


2 Responses

  1. I saw your first measles post on the WordPress.com front page which brought me here.

    Being a mum of a child on the Autism Spectrum means measles vaccine discussions are often occurring in our lives.

    I strongly recommend Dr Paul Offits book “Autisms False Prophets” for those who mistakenly believe there is a link between the Measles vaccine and Autism.

  2. You just beat me to the blog!
    As you know, I have a great fear of the measles having lost a close relative to complications of the disease, and having seen the monument in NZ to the Maoris killed by it. I remember the children at school when I was a child who had to wear thick specs because their eyes had been so damaged by measles. I must have given hundreds of the jabs when I worked for a GP and I can honestly say I do not know of any who had side effects from it!

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