Addicted to the internet!

I know and am confident that I am not alone in this addiction. My day is not complete and I feel edgy if I don’t turn my laptop on all day. NaBloPoMo really hasn’t been that much of a problem this month, as I’ve been online at least once a day anyway without any extra effort, so as long as I’ve been able to come up with something to say I’ve not had a problem with daily posting.

I’m also confident that I’m in good company when I confess that I’m addicted to the stats page of my WordPress account. I have to check at least once a day to see how many visitors I’ve had, where they’ve come from and what they’re looking at!

However, at least this is a legal addiction, and so I’m not going to get too concerned about it! Once NaBloPoMo is over, I’ll do my best to have the odd day away from my computer and living a real life!


One Response

  1. That sounds like me.

    I feel all sorts of wrong if I don’t at least get online to check my emails each day.

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