Christmas presents

My blog post today isn’t so much a blog post as a straw poll. The questions I want answered are these: If you were to receive a home-made Christmas present, would you be pleased and touched at the time and effort that had gone into making it, or would you be really disappointed that your friend/relative hadn’t gone out and spent proper money on you instead? Is someone who makes presents always seen as mean?

As you may have gathered, I am making some of my gifts this year. In all cases, the gifts I am making are taking up far more time than I would have used had I gone to the shops and bought them all, and I’m not giving really tacky presents that have been thrown together with waste materials (or at least, I don’t think they’re tacky!). However, I am slightly concerned that I will be regarded as mean for the reduction in ‘bought’ presents that I will be offering this year. I know I shouldn’t be bothered, but after all, all the people I give presents to are people I like a lot, and therefore I do care about their opinion of me.

We are being exhorted to spend less this year, especially if we need to use credit cards or overdrafts to cover the cost of Christmas. And so I am trying to cut back, to make the Christmas season less financially heavy. I don’t want to spend January worrying about the number of days until payday because I have no money left!

Thoughts please!


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  1. I give homemade gifts and I do appreciate it when I receive them. I like them even more when they are made with me in mind.

  2. I love homemade gifts (especially the edible kind!!) and don’t think anyone worth their salt would mind at all- it takes SO much effort to make your own gifts rather than raiding Amazon like some lazy cows (ME) do… 😀

    With the credit crunch, I think lots of people are doing it this year.

    I also think that anyone who didn’t appreciate your gift doesn’t really “get you”, Jennie! 🙂

  3. I give home made gifts and also appreciate receiving them.

    I think it depends very much on the person who is receiving the gift, do they make things themselves and understand the time effort and love that goes into a handmade gift?

  4. Funnily enough, I am in the process of writing a post which is intended to deliver a large and unsubtle hint aimed at the lovely person who cooked up an assortment of delicious goodies and put them all in hamper for us last Christmas. The hint is this: if that lovely person wishes to repeat said present (especially the truffles), it would be much more appreciated than a shop-bought present… 😛

  5. I agree with suzy2110… anyone that does not appreciate your home made gift, does not understand you…
    I know exactly your concerns though… I would feel the same and be worried. I will not be giving home made gifts simply because I do not seem to have a talent for anything like that… but personally myself I would LOVE to receive an homemade gift…. I know full well that it had taken up a lot more of your time than purchasing a gift, and was put together with a great deal more thought.. so would mean so much more. As I am unable (sadly) through lack of skills to put together a homemade gift I will have to purchase, but I am rather worried this year because I have to drastically cut down on each persons gift due to financial reasons… credit crunch and all of that… I am worried about the reaction that will create… I am cutting down friends , family and this includes immediate family… Christmas will have to be a vastly reduced affair this year and it does bother me.. I know my close family understand but what will friends make of it… … I have tried to pre-warn them though….
    I will have to try to brush up on my crafting skills for next year….
    Jane xxx

  6. Thank you all for your supportive comments. I’ll press on with the crafting projects then, and will make plans for all the baking and confectioning I’ll be doing in the couple of days before Christmas. I’m going to be busy for the next four weeks if I’m going to get everything done!

  7. Great Site! I found it on AlphaInventions, which is a great resource – I have been there less than one week, have received hundreds of hits, and I have found a dozen new blogs to add to my reading list – like yours! Keep up the great work!

    Anthony M. Freed

  8. I too would much appreciate a home made gift, much better than toiletries or anything else I don’t really need. I’m making some stuff this year too, and I think the thing you told me about yesterday that you’re making is a fab idea, I even told hubby about it.

  9. I honestly can’t remember what I told you I was making, unless it was the thing I spent ALL DAY YESTERDAY making, in which case people had BETTER appreciate it or will experience my wrath!!

    I’m feeling much better about the whole Christmas thing now; thanks to all of you for reassuring me and cheering me up! Anyone for a Christmas present?!Who knows, if my readership grows enough by next year, maybe I’ll do a home made gift giveaway.

  10. All I can add is I have people keen to have the stuff I give them, at other times of the year as well!…( especially the Damson vodka….)

    so I really wouldn’t worry…I am sure your friends will LOVE the things you give them…..

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