NaBloPoMo cop out…or is it?

So, I’ve been tagged. By Welshpurpletree. To tell you all six interesting things about myself. Hmm. The salient point is ‘interesting’, and I think that will probably be the hardest point as well. I may have to wait for my husband to come back into the room and help me think of stuff. And after all, if he can’t think of anything we’re really in trouble.

  1. I am my friend Chris’s number one choice to be his cellmate if he were ever locked in Colditz, due to my ability to ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ and my initiative and imagination! He thinks I am most likely to be able to escape from a high security institution – I hope never to have to put that to the test!
  2. I can remember most of the full names and birthdays, as well as telephone numbers, of the people in my first year of high school.
  3. I completed my NaNoWriMo novel two years ago…but to excess! The one novel became a trilogy because I ran out of storyline for both the first and second books while I still had typing time left, and then I wanted to get the highest wordcount in Wales. I think I succeeded, and I came second in the world in the ‘Chick-Lit’ category, having written 163185 words in the month of November.
  4. I have a burning ambition, together with my abovementioned friend Chris, to hold, at some point in my life, a licence to drive every single category of road vehicle in the UK (not necessarily concurrently!).
  5. I was a model. And it does count, even though I was five at the time and modelling overalls for a car magazine!
  6. I was head girl at school. Not that interesting, but I’m really scraping the barrel now!

My husband had a couple of other ideas, like my apparent linguistic ability. While I’m only fluent in English and Welsh, I think I know enough French and German to get me out of a sticky place if I were parachuted into either France or German at the dead of night without a phrasebook! And I seem to have the ability to understand (or at least work out the meaning of) quite a few languages with relative ease. For instance, my friend Maria recently wanted to buy a German language DVD, but languages aren’t her strong point and as she could only find it on Amazon.De she asked me to buy it for her. And so I did – yay me! In German! I even impressed myself! But anyway, I’m digressing. This does not count as one of my six interesting things, and I can only apologise at how lame the six I chose were.

I think that most of the people I know have already been tagged to do this, and I’m feeling lazy so, if you are reading this and you a.) have a blog; b.) have six interesting facts about yourself and c.) haven’t taken part in this meme yet, consider yourself tagged! Let me know when you post so I can come and read all the things I don’t know about you all!


3 Responses

  1. It’s incredible what seems to we ourselves to be not all that interesting, but which our readers really enjoy! I loved reading this!

    Your writing is impressive- I could never write a book. For goodness sake, I can’t even come up with decent stuff to blog about most of the time! πŸ˜€

    I bet you were the kind of head girl that everyone loved!

  2. How does a 5 year old model overalls?

  3. Ickle overalls for ickle people πŸ™‚

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