And the news at 10.12 is…

  • I have officially decided to give up on this year’s attempt at NaNoWriMo. I just haven’t wanted to do it for the last two weeks, and I’ve decided that I’ve got too many other things to get done to waste many, many hours typing out random drivel which neither I nor anyone else will ever read. (See, I do listen to you Jo!)
  • I am NOT, however, giving up on NaBloPoMo – I’m so close to the end, I can only keep on going! And besides, I posted every day last month as well, so I’m setting whole new records for myself here!
  • I’m freaking myself out with how calm I’m feeling about Christmas. Let me explain. Usually by this point in November I have lists of lists detailing which friend or relative is getting which present, where said presents are coming from, where the cards are going and a running commentary on my shopping progress. This year, I have no lists. I feel no shopping stress. I think I know (and can remember) what I’m getting for everyone. And so, I’m so calm I’m frightening myself. I think I’m worried that suddenly, in Christmas week I’ll discover that my nearest and dearest have a pair of second hand socks for a present and I’ll end up trawling through town on Christmas Eve. Hmm.
  • I dreamed that I went into town on the bus in my pyjamas. This wasn’t the only weird thing that happened in the dream, but you need to know all the people I dreamed about to understand the rest of it. Suffice to say that I dreamed that I ended up in the foyer of the office I work in, which had turned into a bar/casino since I last was in work and then found myself drinking vodka cocktails with my schoolfriends (all while still in my pyjamas). Analyse that!
  • I did actually go into town today, although in jeans and a jacket rather than my pink gingham pyjamas. GG had the day off work and so we took advantage of the child free time to…meet his mother for lunch! It was really nice though; we went to the New Theatre which is something of a hidden gem if you are a luncher on a budget. We then were evacuated from Marks and Spencer when the fire alarm went off, and came home in time to get the boys from school. Oh, and then Cheeky brought home the dreaded letter from school saying that someone in his class has got headlice, so we’ve all been checking each other’s hair with the nit comb this evening. How much more fun can a girl have in an evening!
  • I still have seven and a half pounds of oranges left, from which I need to make a good deal of marmalade. I’ll make another batch tomorrow I think, and then I’ll have to freeze the rest before they go off. I’ve been putting off making another batch of marmalade as I have a few small cuts on my hands and I’m dreading the citrus stings which will follow on from my cutting up the fruits. Ouch!
  • My friend’s sister had a baby last week, eight weeks before her due date. Positive thoughts for her and her baby boy, please!

And that’s about it. Tune in again tomorrow for updates on any dreams which I might experience, as well as news on the marmalade front. Peace and goodwill to you all, hopefully I’ll make more sense tomorrow morning. Goodnight!


2 Responses

  1. I hope your friend and her baby are doing well- they are able to do so much for preemies these days.

    As for the dream- sounds like a great day out to me! At least you weren’t nekkid!!! πŸ˜›

  2. I’ve never actually had the ‘being in public whilst n*ked’ dream – only being out in town and inappropriately dressed!

    I’ll keep you posted about mother and baby. She delivered him by C-section on Wednesday morning; rough delivery but was still discharged on Saturday morning, in great pain. She’s going back in every day (obviously) to see the baby, who was just over 3lbs born. Bless!

    I can’t imagine being in that situation; having to leave your baby in the hospital when your every instinct tells you to stay with him or take him home. I really was incredibly lucky with both my deliveries.

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