Quantom of Solace…

…was better by far than ‘Casino Royale’. Even though the body count was huge, some of the old Bond humour was back, with some clever dialogue and traditional Bond-style names (“Strawberry Fields” stood out for me!). I think that the performance of the production was that of Judi Dench though, superb as ever, but eminently more believable as the tough cookie that a woman would have to be to have attained her position within the Secret Service. In previous films she has always seemed to me to be quite fragile, and well cossetted by those around her, relying on Bond and his ilk to protect her and rule the roost, so to speak. In this one she really seems to come into her own and take charge of the situation. I don’t think that this is a reflection on Judi Dench’s acting abilities, of which I have long been an admirer, but more inidicative of the improved character illustration by the screen writers.

I enjoyed the chases, the cheekiness of Bond which is starting to reappear, the strength of the female co-stars and the absence of nonsense like invisible cars and suchlike. All in all it was a far more believable plotline than others that have graced the silver screen recently.

So, roll on 2011 and Bond 23! Apparently, January 2009 will see writers hired and beginning work on what Barbara Broccoli has said will be the final film of the trilogy which will see Bond ‘whole again’. I’ll look forward to it!


3 Responses

  1. Thank you for the wonderful review on the new 007. Quantum of Solace was by far, one of the best 007 movies to date. I highly recommend it.

  2. Saw this and thought you might like it 🙂

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