Casino Royale

I’m hopefully going to see ‘Quantom of Solace’ tomorrow night with my friend Maria. GG went to see it this afternoon and has told me that I *need* to watch ‘Casino Royale’ again so that I get what’s going on. You see, I fell aslepp last time we watched it, and so my memory of it is very patchy. I love watching people do Parkour, and really enjoy that part of the film where the ‘terrorist’ is free running everywhere while Bond is leaping everywhere and landing like a sack of potatoes!

Anyway, I apparently have a fairly low attention threshold for ‘Casino Royale’, as I’ve already missed an apparently important bit whilst writing this – oops!

However, in better news, GG and I took up the Marks and Spencer offer of a meal for two for £10. And it was well worth it. We waited and ate after the boys had gone to bed, as the food was far too good for them! We had pork meddalions in a cider, apple and cream sauce and mixed roasted vegetables. Then for dessert we had a luscious (I’ve never had it before) raspberry pannacotta. GG is making his way through the included bottle of red wine right now. I’m being super exciting and sticking to orange squash – I’m not a red wine lover.

Anyway, back to the film. I really should pay attention to it, otherwise this whole exercise will have been a complete waste of time and I’ll arrive at the cinema tomorrow, not entirely sure what is going on!


2 Responses

  1. Haha! QoS ? Fights, fights and more fights. Enjoy yourselvses 😛

  2. I haven’t seen Casino Royale yet, think hubby was going to hire it. If you fell asleep in it though it’s probably highly likely I will too.

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