Photo meme (un)tag

Thanks to my new blogfriend Suzy I am going to take her up on the photo meme that she so carefully didn’t tag anyone to take part in! That means that today, my NaBloPoMo entry is mercifully easy! I have lots of kitchen things to make and so I’m glad of the extra time.

The rules-

1. Go to your pictures file.
2. Go to the 4th file.
3. Go to the 4th picture.
4. Post it and tell the story.
5. Tag 4 more people.

Like Suzy and Taoist Biker before me, I’m not going to tag anyone, although if anyone would like to take part it is quite an interesting thing to do, even if only to see what photos you’ve been hiding for so long!

Also like the other guys, I’m not abiding strictly to the rules as the fourth picture in the fourth folder is of a child in my family, and I have an unspoken rule that I don’t post recogniseableĀ pictures of family members, especially children. So I’m pulling out the next picture along. And I’ve collectedĀ three for you. I suppose it sounds like I’ve not followed the rules at all – there are photos! What more do you want! And I am posting as near to the fourth picture from the fourth file(s) as I am willing to! Be grateful, and don’t be so picky!


This is the Lego representation of the Westminster section of the banks of the Thames. We visited Legoland for Handsome’s birthday last April and had a fantastic two days there. I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone with children of a similar age to either of mine.


This little fellow was living in my Mother in law’s pond last summer – I think the photo was taken on her birthday, a day which we spent mainly in her garden. My mother in law and her friend love watching the frogs in her garden pond, and as a result I took lots of pictures of the little amphibians for her this year.


And finally, this photo was taken when GG and I visited Oxford in the summer. This was only the front of the shop, which went back for some way until culminating in a cafe, and I spent many happy minutes deciding what to buy (I think we bought a present for my Mother in law here as she is another chocoholic like me!) The display was so stunning in its neatness and temptation that I couldn’t resist taking a photo of it!

And so there you are. Normal posting will resume shortly, after I’ve made hundreds of jars of marmalade and caught up with my word count on my NaNovel, as well as having made a dent in the laundry pile. Hmm. Well, maybe I’ll make a dent in my ‘to do’ list, anyway!

3 Responses

  1. Ian said to me the other day that he wants to take the kids to Legoland in a couple of years! šŸ™‚

    I’ve really enjoyed this one!

  2. […] by Jo on 19 November 2008 Jennie hasn’t tagged anyone for this meme so I thought I’d take it […]

  3. My wife and son would ADORE a trip to Legoland.

    Hell, with a few more kits they could start their own…

    Thanks for sharing!

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