Doctor Who Christmas special preview!!

Ooh! I REALLY can’t wait for Christmas now! I’ve just seen a special preview of the Christmas special of ‘Doctor Who’, and I really can’t wait to see the rest now!

There was another Doctor! With an assistant!! And a sonic screwdriver!!! Who mentioned the TARDIS!!!!!!! Ooooh!I’m very excited now!! And he said “Allons-y”!

The boys were also very excited and as intrigued by the taster as I was – bring on Christmas!!


3 Responses

  1. Oooh too cool. I’m so envious.

    Now to YouTube to see if it has been posted there.

  2. Were you watching Children in Need by any chance?

  3. Sad…you are SAD…like me…I even said “shush” to DD when it came on………..

    but I really DO hope David Morrissy isn’t the next Dr..he is just NOT what I want… all looks too contrived to me…..

    someone different….now that would be good…the chap who played Gisborn in Robin Hood…or Owen fromTorchwood…..or River Song….or

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