Water and electricity usage awareness

Rhonda Jean has written a post over at ‘Down to earth‘ that I’d recommend. She’s she’s running a, umm, challenge, if you will, asking that we all take meter readings for our power and water supplies a couple of days in a row, then try our best to conserve water and power/fuel and take a further reading a day later, to see how much we can save.

I’ve been on a water meter since we moved to our present home, and it’s been great. We’re still, in this larger flat than we were in before, paying less for our water than we were eight years ago in a one bed flat with only two occupants (as opposed to the now four of us, with all the requisite washing and laundry requirements!). Since the almost-water shortages of the summer before last (that seems a long time ago now!) I’ve been as careful as possible about not wasting water. But I still feel that I could do more about my electricity usage (we don’t have gas). So, I’ve signed up for the challenge, but I’ll need reminding to take the meter readings, as my memory is quite definitely not what it used to be!


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