Fireworks photos

Just a few photos for you, from the fireworks display we were privileged to be able to view from my sister in law’s kitchen! I apologise for the poor quality of the pictures; my camera doesn’t enjoy taking photos at night. However, my father tells me that this is probably more indicative of the fact that I’ve not read the user manual, rather than that the camera is of poor quality!






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  1. The pics look pretty good to me!! It’s funny, we don’t do 5th November in Northern Ireland- it’s all Hallowe’en. Either way, a good night was had by all, by the looks of things!

  2. It was a good evening – lots of sausages in buns and cakes for all, as well as the fireworks! And we still have more fireworks to come! Yay! I’ll try to find the camera manual before then!

  3. You might find this site useful (I’ll try to post the link, if it doesn’t work I’ll email it to you):

    Digital Photography School

    I think it’s run by the same guy that does, Darren Rowse.

  4. Oops, meant to add I think those turned out pretty well! And that link goes directly to an article on how to photograph fireworks, but there’s tons of info on that site, all free 🙂

  5. Thanks for this – I’ll go and have a look later on. I took some more photos last night, but not that many came out very well (it was raining, so I found the squinting up into the sky unpleasant!). However, I’ve got a couple that I’ll be posting in a few minutes. It’s an interesting experiment, if nothing else!

  6. wow amazing photos! 🙂

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