NaNoWriMo diary, 6th November

8.30am – “Come on, come on, get to school! I’ve got to write and I want to start NOW! Give me the house to myself!”

9.30am – (sitting at my computer with bagel in one hand, trying to type with the other “eat, type, eat, type, can’t decide what is more important. Cup of tea. That’s more important.” Self ban of internet until after dinner this evening. MUST concentrate. NEED to focus.

10.20am – a few hundred words down, a couple of thousand to go to catch up. Mental wall looms.

10.25am – I’m weak and I know I am. Switch internet on, read news, go through blog pages, start compiling blog post. Takes 35 minutes to write a fairly simple post. Horrific lack of productivity. In despair make fifth cup of tea. And retrieve flapjack and rice crispie cake from their hiding places and consume. Sugar for energy.

11.00am – decided had better phone Mum and Dad in case they are worrying about me, not having heard from me for thirteen hours. Rang expecting sympathy; none forthcoming. Advised by Dad have bitten off more than I can chew and shouldn’t expect sympathy. inform him he should have more compassion and support for me as I am stretching my brain (or something like that) – cue plenteous laughter down the phone line, and no support.

12.15pm – Ooh! Richard Schiff (from the West Wing) was on the Daily Politics Show yesterday – must watch it! (With cup of tea no.6).

12.30pm – Keep forgetting to put my fingerless typing gloves back on after I’ve removed them to wash my hands or suchlike, so am getting very stiff and cold fingers. Must try harder to improve my memory.

12.35pm – Right, I have until 1.30 on the computer then I must switch it off and find something productive to do, like washing up.

12.47pm – Hmm. Feeling a bit thirsty; maybe I’ll go and make a cup of tea.

12.51pm – Aah, a nice cuppa. Well, at least I’m keeping myself hydrated, which is very important for helping your brain to function properly. So really, all the tea breaks are improving my chances of doing well with my writing.

12.52pm – Aaaargh! 8802 words down, (only) 41,198 to go! And I need to get another 1198 words written TODAY to stay on target!!! Noooooooooo!

12.54pm – Cue frantic staring at screen of Microsoft Word novel document. Nothing. NOTHING IS COMING OUT OF MY FINGERS!!

13.01pm – Can find the words to answer comments on my blog, and to write e-mails, but not to write my ground-breaking, will-wow-the-world novel. What is wrong with me? OK, need to drink my tea and calm down! -cue more gazing out of my living room window-

13.11pm – Can’t stop, just passed 9000 words!

13.47pm – OK, you didn’t really expect me to stop at 1.30 when the words were flowing so well, did you? OK, OK, I’ll stop now, fussy knickers, no need to shout! (10,341 words baby, YEAH!)


18.05pm – have collected children, made bread, done washing up, organised laundry, started a crocheted item for a Christmas present and rearranged takeaway night for tonight as I forgot to make the soup this morning for dinner – oops! On the plus side, pizza for tea – yay! and night off cooking so more time to spend on the laptop!

18.06pm – I have absolutely no idea where the novel is going from here.

19.44pm – the television was turned off at 7pm. The pizza was good! The intention was to write some more of the Great English Novel, but a highly unprofitable half an hour playing mahjong on the laptop followed instead.

20.52pm – an hour and six minutes of inspiration struck! I have reached 12,455 words which surpassed even my secret goal I’d set myself of being a day ahead with 11667 words by the end of the day! Oh, come on, you all have secret goals as well! It can’t only be me that sets two goals; one to tell people in case I don’t reach the one I really want to hit?? Just me? Oh. (mutters and wanders off, shamefacedly).

20.54pm – although it’s still early and I’ve got a good two hours of writing left in me, I’m calling it a night on my masterpiece. I’m tired, my glasses have been on all day (which is always an indication that I’m tired) and I want to relax and try to forget about the novel before I go to bed. Goodnight all!


Note to readers; Don’t be too concerned about what you read here. Amateur Freuds among you should be aware that I’m a Gemini, and as such am expected to be flighty, butterfly-like and borderline-split-personality. This is normal! This (more worryingly) is me on a good day!


2 Responses

  1. You’re nuts! I’m amazed you didn’t spend the day going to the toilet after all the tea you’ve been drinking.

  2. I stopped drinking after the sixth cup of tea, until handsome came home and made me another one! I did feel a little as if I might float away, come to think of it!

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