And life goes on…

Life goes on. This is something we say after bad things happen. It is equally true, though, after good and exciting and long-hoped-for things happen.

I am thrilled that Senator Obama is now the President Elect. Like my Mum, I think I am probably a natural Democrat. I am excited and hopeful for the next four (eight?) years, and look forward to the transition period when we will find out more about his policies, as well as his choice of people in government to help him govern.

However, life goes on. Once the excitement and furore dies down, there are still things to be done; laundry to be done, baking to be done, typing (NaNoWriMo, aaaargh! NaBloPoMo – what was I thinking?!?) to be done, meals to be made, children to ferry to and from school etc etc.

My every urge is sending me to the BBC, the Times, the Washington Post, CNN, et al to read every account of election day I can find. I’m checking my blog readers every three minutes to see whether any of the American blogs I follow have new comments about the results. I need to find a way to distance myself from the events of the last few hours so that I can engage with the things that I need to get done today. The bread and cakes for Bonfire Night won’t bake themselves, and the laundry (unfortunately) won’t take itself outside and hang itself up! Neither will today’s 1667 words for NaNoWriMo travel psychically into Microsoft Word. As it is, I have not got the first idea what I’m going to write today. At least I’ve managed this (half-baked, if you’ll forgive the pun) post toward my NaBloPoMo effort. One job down, 57 to go!


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  1. Isn’t it great. I thought Senator McCain was very gracious in his farewell speech, he seems like a nice man, unlike some of his party who booed when Mr Obama was mentioned. What thugs they are!

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