And now we wait…

So, it’s finally here. 4th November 2008. US Election Day. Anxious eyes around the world clock watch as the minutes pass ever more slowly towards the closing of the polls in America.

Please, if you are a US citizen, go and vote. Preferably for Senator Obama, but please vote.

Think about how many things are affected by that person at the top of the command chain in the White House, and by the Congressmen and Senators, as well as the Governors. Healthcare, education, public spending, fighting crime, taxation, social security, the list goes on and on and on. Very few people will be unaffected by the results of today’s election.

If you don’t vote, I think that you are then hypocritical when you complain about the decisions made by those in power. How can you, in all conscience, complain about the decisinos made in Congress if you have taken no part in the democratic process yourself?

Oh, and when you’ve voted, come and let me know who you’ve voted for. I’d be interested to see what spread of voters I have from among my American readers. If you’d like to share the reasons behind your voting decision, that would be lovely!

I hope that the weather is good for you today, and that the voting process is straightforward and fast.

Be a part of this historic election. Get out the vote!


3 Responses

  1. Hi Jennie, thanks so much for your comment on my blog, about the china on ebay – I’ll go and check it out!

    My family & I are watching the US election with great interest here in the UK .. we would like Obama to win. My 11 yr old son came home from school and asked if he could stay up and watch it, as he and his friends had been talking about it all day!! I think it may be a bit late to stay up, but I’m sure he’ll be up early to check the news!
    Willow x

  2. Not a problem, glad to have been of help! I’m (obviously, given I said it in my blogpost!) hoping for a Democratic win tonight, and wish that I could stay up long enough to watch it as well. However, I’ll be rushing to turn on BBC News 24 when I get up in the morning to see what the US has decided! It feels to me, and I don’t know whether this is just because I’m growing more aware of world politics as I get older, as if this election is particularly key in world history in the making. So many international decisions depend on the choice made today. Our own financial stability here in the UK probably will be swayed by the next President, not to mention decisions regarding the deployment of our military. Scary stuff!

  3. You guys are in luck, as I’m sure you know by now Obama won. I did vote for him, now let’s all hope he lives up to our hopes and expectations!

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