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Ode to my duvet


What a difference a duvet makes,

13.5 little togs.

What a difference a duvet makes,

And the difference is fluff!

(Based on the song “What a difference a day makes”, sung by Dinah Washington.)


We have just treated ourselves to a new duvet. The old one we had was getting very worn and thin, and was most certainly not doing the job that it was designed for. And with the colder nights drawing in, we decided that enough was enough and took ourselves off to the shop to invest in a new night time comforter. We found this one in a sale, reduced to £25 and so decided it was too good to miss. It is a ‘Silentnight’ duvet, 13.5 tog as suggested by my little parody above, and has all the makings of becoming my new favourite thing! GG and I watched a film last night which didn’t finish until quite late and so there were protests when I suggested (well, more ordered than suggested, if truth be told) that we should change our bed linen for the new duvet then rather than in the morning. However, as it was a joint effort it was fairly painless (!) and took very little time at all. And oh, how we reaped the benefits when we climbed into bed a few minutes later! A cocoon of softness and warmth was waiting for us, and we both fell asleep and woke up with smiles on our faces! Right now I’m sitting in my bed, luxuriating in the cosiness and trying desperately to think of reasons to stay here all day!*

But not to worry, my frugal friends; our old duvet will not be going to the great landfill in the sky (or more realistically, a couple of miles down the road). I plan on reusing and recycling it into a sofa snuggler. That should also help me to save money on my heating bills this winter.

I’m not quite sure how to do it yet, but I’m thinking of sewing an old duvet cover onto it to make it more like a quilt, and then perhaps I could turn it into a sort of ‘pocket’ by folding it in half and sewing up the ends, so that my children and I can climb into it and snuggle up on cold winter evenings? Any ideas would be most gratefully received!

*It should be pointed out that I’m not sitting in my bed right now, at 2.30 in the afternoon (even though that is an extremely tempting idea to me); I did in fact write that bit of the post yesterday morning when my husband was letting me have my Sunday morning lie in! Just to clarify!




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