Lewis Hamilton is the World Champion!!!

Oh. My. Goodness. Has there ever been a tenser end to the F1 championship? Within the final minutes of the Brazilian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was in 6th place, with only 1 lap to go to the finish line. He needed to be in fifth place in order to secure enough points to win the 2008 Championship. The Maclaren team looked as if they were ready to concede defeat when, with only a couple of corners to go, Lewis overtook the driver in front of him to take fifth place and soar over the finish line!

I felt quite sorry for Felipe Massa, as when he won the Brazilian Grand Prix it looked as if he had also won the Championship. However, his hopes were dashed seconds later when Hamilton overtook Glock to finish fifth.

Lewis Hamilton is the youngest F1 chamion EVER, and he’s British! Yay! But boo to the bad sportsmanship displayed by the crowds today who booed and jeered Lewis Hamilton as he took the Championship.

Roll on next year. Can’t wait! Maybe I’ll remember to watch the races next year!


3 Responses

  1. What a dramatic race to the very end! Simply awesome…

  2. The crowd were really awful! I felt a bit bad for Massa as well. He drove well all season and kind of deserved it too…

  3. Though I’m happy I’m a Hamilton fan, I just wonder why suddenly the Toyota car slowed down at the final few seconds of the last lap. I hate to think about it, but sometimes it comes to my mind it was a “give-away” ? Maybe that Toyota Guy (Timo Glock) have some grudges at Ferrari team.

    Hehe. Just my thoughts.

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