A busy day

Yesterday was a busy day. Although I spent most of the morning in bed (thanks to my lovely husband, who let me sleep until I woke myself naturally, or alternatively until Cheeky crawled up my bed and pulled my eyelids apart!) I think I made up for it through the rest of the day. I went and helped Jo to move Bailey and Brini across a VERY muddy part of the field to dryer pasture. Moving the pigs wasn’t the problem. Moving the pig ark was! However, I can’t claim credit for that, as Jo did most of the heavy work while I provided moral support and encouragement! Maybe the chocolate that Husband sent up for her cheered her up a bit about the amount of mud we plodged through! I know one thing that cheered her up enormously – me falling on my backside in the mud! The kind and sympathetic response when I got home was, “did she get a photo of you on your bum?”. Thanks, guys!

We pigsat again tonight, so I brought the piglets home with me. I made a slight detour to Mum and Dad‘s house, where I offered advice and support to him while he fixed his car window. Then, after a cup of tea it was home for dinner, a quick change into my witch costume and out with the boys (and the piglets!) to visit some friends’ houses and do some trick or treating (our trick was going to be bringing the piglets in to poo on the carpet, but surprisingly, noone took us up on the trick offer!).

Now that I’ve written it down, it doesn’t seem like I did very much, where in reality it didn’t feel like I stopped for more than five minutes together between trips here, there and everywhere. But then I suppose we all have days like that!


One Response

  1. The kind and sympathetic response when I got home was, “did she get a photo of you on your bum?”.

    B asked the very same thing 😛

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