Little Carrot??

I just tuned in to ‘Most Haunted’ on Living TV – my husband and I find it quite funny a lot of the time, and tonight was no exception. They are filming in a building which was formerly an insane asylum in Denbigh, North Wales which apparently was cursed by witches (I don’t know when that would have been). Anyway, having only just posted my last post about bilingual road signs having gone a little bit ker-pluey, I was amazed to hear Yvette Fielding being told to call ‘moron fach’ in order to attract the attention of a spirit, as the location in North Wales would have had a lot of people who spoke mainly or only Welsh. Hmm. Well, the last time I looked, ‘moron fach’ translates as ‘little carrot’! If I were a spirit in that asylum, I would either be laughing too hard to be paying them and their ‘investigation’ any attention, or I would have stormed off in a huff at the abuse of my mother tongue!

So funny!


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