David Tennant announces the end of his occupancy of the TARDIS

Last night I was working on my computer with my BBC news ticker running along the top of my screen when…shock, horror!! “David Tennant Quits As Doctor Who”. Frantic (OK, slight exaggeration) text messages ensued with my friend Maria as to how we would cope through the future without him at the helm of the TARDIS (she suggested that she should marry him so that he would stay in our lives for ever!), while Hubby adopted the more prosaic view – “You’ll just have to watch him in other things”!

Thank goodness I’ve got ‘Hamlet‘ to look forward to. And I do have all his ‘Doctor Who’ episodes on DVD and video, as well as ‘Casanova’! I think ‘Blackpool’ will have to be on my Christmas list now.

See here for the interview with David about his announcement of the end of the Tenth Doctor’s run.


6 Responses

  1. Erm, I thought he had already quit. Most confused… Or have I been time travelling again?!

  2. I KNOW!

    I was gobsmacked last night when I read it in the Beeb…

    so who will replace him ..( not that ANYONE could replace him …….sniff sob……)

  3. :sob:

    Not sure how I will survive without him or more specifically his incarnation of the Doctor.


  4. Jo: Yes, you’ve been time travelling, he announced it last night at the NTV awards. Until then I think the concensus was that he would at least start the 5th series, even if he regenerated half way through.

    Compostwoman: The Christmas episode is called ‘The Next Doctor’, so maybe there’ll be clues there? Otherwise, apparently Russell T Davies thinks that the boy who played the midshipman in the last Christmas special (hero type, got shot, looked about 14, bless!) would be a good doctor. That’s all I’ve got!

    Leechbabe: You’re not alone in your sobs! I’m right there with you! I think I will be buying everything he’s ever recorded to video or DVD, as well as obsessively finding out other things which I can see him in! REALLY can’t wait for Hamlet in December – very exciting – we’ve booked our train tickets and hotel now so we’re definitely going!

  5. Jo: Yes, you’ve been time travelling

    Ah, so that’s how we make our millions! Now, where did I park my TARDIS? Was it next to the phone box or under that oak tree………………………………………….?

  6. Teee hee!

    I prefer the Midshipman idea..he was cute…

    but i would prefer River Song………………

    She would rock!!

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