Best investment practices?

Last night, my husband was happy to point out this article which highlights a far more productive use of money over the past year than many traditional savings or stock schemes;

This is the best financial advice I’ve heard all week:

If you had purchased £1000 of Northern Rock shares one year ago it  would now be worth £4.95, with HBOS, earlier this week your £1000  would have been worth £16.50, £1000 invested in XL Leisure would now  be worth less than £5, but if you bought £1000 worth of Tennents Lager  one year ago, drank it all, then took the empty cans to an aluminium  re-cycling plant, you would get £214. So based on the above statistics  the best current investment advice is to drink heavily and re-cycle.

From ‘The Spectator’, article written by Michael Millar.

So basically, this is your classic example of having your cake (beer) and eating (drinking) it! You get to drink to excess but then appease your ‘green’ side by recycling the waste and getting a small return on your ‘investment’! Bonus!

I think he was probably quite disappointed at the missed opportunity!


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