Another cute house guest!

Look at this pathetic sight!

This is Bubble, and she is the runt of Scrumpy’s litter. She is very feisty though, and makes sure that she gets her share of the food when it is put into the enclosure for them.

She was really cold and wet yesterday though, and didn’t seem to be able to dry herself off as quickly as the other piglets (maybe because she’s nearer the ground than the other piglets, LOL!). So she needed to have lots of cwtches (Welsh cuddles!) and fuss so that she could dry off and warm up – I was only too happy to oblige (wearing my very fetching Winnie the Pooh cap!). She seems to be using up all her calories in keeping herself warm rather than in helping herself grow. She’s only about a third the size of her siblings. Anyway, Jo decided that she should come home for the nights, so that she can be in the warm and hopefully use her calories to get bigger.

So, I had the pleasure of pig-sitting Bubble for the evening yesterday. As you can see from the state of her snout, she had a good dinner of porridge, and she also enjoyed some banana. Nothing wrong with her appetite! She had a good explore of my kitchen and endured my children following her around and talking at her constantly! Husband enjoyed her company as he made the dinner, and chatted to her just as much as he did to me – I’ll make a farmer out of him yet!

Hopefully a couple of weeks of being in a warmer environment will make all the difference to Bubble and she’ll begin to catch up with her siblings.


4 Responses

  1. Those photos are brilliant!

    Any time you wanna pigsit, give me a shout πŸ˜€

  2. Aww, having a piglet in your kitchen has far out done me having chickens in mine. Bit jealous!

  3. Bless! I’ve got both of them here at the moment, although we had to separate them as Bubble was having a hissy fit at being put back in her carry-box for a sleep, and was disturbing Fergie, so we’ve left Fergie to nap in the kitchen and we’ve got Bubble in the living room with us. How daft are we! Hubby even tried bribing them with apple to be quiet!

  4. You should have seen Bubble’s hissy fit when we put them to bed so we could go to bed. But we ignored them and so she soon got the hint.

    She’s now addicted to belly rubs and makes a habit of going to Midge for a bely lick if we want to do other things with our hands like eat or go to the loo!!!!!! Daft pig, she really is. And she pood on B the other day!!!! Meant to tell you but forgot πŸ˜†

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