An open letter to Jo

We have been really good friends since we were doing our GCSEs in high school together. We dragged each other through A-levels, each offering the other moral support at times when we probably both would have rather stayed home, eaten chocolate and watched old episodes of ‘Friends’. I like to think that we balanced each other out, taking it in turns to be both good and bad influences on each other!

Jo and her first car, 'Denzil'

When we went off to university our lives did seem to be heading in completely different ways. We had different friends, different interests, lived in different counties for goodness sake, and yet ours is obviously one of those friendships which endures. Do you know those precious friends who you really appreciate because it doesn’t matter how long you are apart; within five minutes of meeting up (even after a five year gap in meetings) you are back to exactly the same place that you were when you last saw each other. This ability to pick up a friendship where it was left off with no awkwardness is truly something to be valued, especially when a lot of people I know seem to be losing friends as they grow older and grow apart rather than rediscovering old ones.

Jo at school, working hard in the library - for a change!!

Jo at school, working hard in the library - for a change!!

When you moved near to us this summer, complete with menagerie, I was so glad to be able to be able to meet up regularly with you again. I can truthfully say that some of my happiest hours in this last few months have been spent plodging through mud, brambles and pigsh*t! The animals are all gorgeous and I’ve really appreciated the opportunity to learn more about looking after pigs and chickens. The kids are absolutely loving seeing you and B so regularly and are also relishing the opportunity to get to know animals and their habits. As I told you after the boys met Snipe and Midge, before this summer both Cheeky and Handsome were very apprehensive about all animals, even if Mr J and I told them that the animal was gentle and it was safe to approach it. Within a couple of weeks of you moving here, both boys were asking to be allowed to walk the dogs and were eagerly getting in the pens with the pigs – what a transformation!
Hubby (to be), Jennie and Jo, aged 19

Hubby (to be), Jennie and Jo, aged 19

The reason for this letter is not only to point out how grateful I am to have my good friend living close to us now, but to let you know that I consider myself to have got the better end of the deal. Recently I’ve been helping out at the farm when I have the chance, and you seem to think that you owe me something. What you can’t get into your thick head (I never claimed you were particularly intelligent, LOL!) is that I’m thoroughly enjoying the time I’m spending both with you and your animals; it’s a way of life that I’d love to lead and so it’s like I’m getting part of my ideal life (minus the big farmhouse with typical farmhouse kitchen!) but on a part time, can-go-home-and-have-double-glazed-mud-free-city-life-again basis. How can you think I’d be complaining about that!

Jo trying to get a picture of all of Tia's piglets at once!

Jo with Tia and her piglets

So for the love of all that is holy, Jo, stop wittering on about owing me anything! And lets get on with winning the lottery/finding a philanthropist to fund that farm dream of ours so that I can live the dream more of the time. The only time I’d get cross with you is if you started taking me for granted, which I’m sure you never will. So lets just get on with being friends, dreaming of treehouses/converted double decker buses/straw bale houses/hobbit holes or whatever the latest plan is to get a farm of our own and eating enough cake to send us into a hyperglycaemic fit! Oh, and lets keep on laughing at everything – laughter is good!

The bottom line is – just keep complimenting the cooking and we’ll get on fine 😉 Here’s to the next thirteen years of friendship.


Jen xx


2 Responses

  1. You ruined a good thing by posting those photos…!

  2. Well, I wanted to get my point across without getting too sentimental – seemed like the best way! Bless!

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