My most recent (and cutest) house guest!

Yesterday evening I received my cutest house guest to date – Fergie the piglet! Due to an accident/brawl (you’ll have to ask Jo for more details of that) Fergie is for a while spending some quality time with Jo and B rather than overnighting with her family. And because Jo was coming to our house for dinner last night, I extended the invitation to Fergie as well, rather than have her sitting home alone (but for the 2 dogs and 3 cats, that is!). She was a pleasure to entertain (despite the ‘gifts’ she so lovingly left on my kitchen floor!) and seemed to enjoy her dinner of apple, banana and baby corn immensely!

My friend Angela loves piglets with a passion, and so when I was certain that Fergie would be visiting I thought I’d better give her a ring so that she could come and indulge her passion in the comfort of my home! She was more than happy to rush over, and spent some quality Fergie-cuddling time!

Fergie, you were a pleasure to entertain, and you should feel free to come back and visit again whenever you like. My home is your home, my fruit is your fruit!! (Until you’re too big to turn around in my kitchen without demolishing things, anyway!)


2 Responses

  1. Awww he is adorable.

  2. She is incredibly cute – I don’t think the pictures do her justice! I had another cute guest last night again – different one this time – but I’ll be posting pictures of her later on.

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