Ebay beginner – any advice??

I have a lot of stuff. I have, in fact, a flat overflowing with stuff, and really do need to get rid of a large amount of it. So, I have decided to bite the bullet and start selling some of the good stuff on Ebay. With that in mind, if any of you have any hints, tips or general advice for me, I would be very grateful!

Another factor in my decision making process is that there is something that I want to buy but can’t afford or even justify at the moment. Anyway, I thought that if I sell off some of the things that we don’t want or need any more, maybe I could accumulate enough money in my Paypal account to buy this thing that I’d really like! That way, it would be almost like I was getting it for nothing! Good idea/bad idea?


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  1. My mum’s sold quite a lot of stuff on Ebay. She always tries to take really good photos of the items, and gives an accurate description, so no one can complain if when they get it it’s not quite what they were expecting. If it’s a book she usually just scans the cover. As she works in a post office she can work out the postage really accurately, but I think this is the area most people try to make some money.

    Good idea about saving it all in your Paypal account to use to buy something else.

  2. Try looking on the forum on http://www.moneysavingexpert.com there is a whole thread somewhere on there with tips for selling things on ebay

  3. Thanks for the tips. I went and had a look at that website, and there’s a challenge going on to raise a certain amount through Ebay in November. I might join in with that as that would give me the impetus I’ll need to get on and do it.

    Husband sorted out his ties yesterday (although I’ve no idea if anyone would buy ties on Ebay) and has handed over 12 ties and a wardrobe tie rack for me to list. The items to sell are building up!

  4. I am the ebay queen, lol! 😛

    WPT gave good advice. Take good pics, more than one if you can (you can upload as many as you want into the description at no extra cost by using Photobucket and the HTML option). Give accurate, full descriptions. Research what similar items go for, and if it looks like what you have won’t sell, don’t even bother. You’d be wasting money on fees.

    Good pics really, really are the key, especially if some of what you’re selling is clothing.

    Don’t start your item at too high a price- most things will find a level anyway, and you’ll put people off.

    Be fair in your postage rates. Pack your items properly.

    Mostly- have fun! I love selling on ebay, for the most part. Good luck!

  5. Oh, one last thing- make your auctions end at about 8pm on a weekday evening, or on a Sunday afternoon. That’s when most people are likely to be on ebay. The evening thing has worked best for me in the past, because that’s when people have had a few drinks and are more likely to impulse buy, ha ha!!

  6. LOL – thanks very much for the advice! I think I’ll spend some time tomorrow gathering the things which could sell, and then I’ll start listing tomorrow evening or the day after – quite exciting, isn’t it! I don’t think I’ll have anything which will bring in a lot of money, but lots of little things might all add up!

  7. In addition to the above comments, you may find that there are certain questions you will be asked over and over if you don’t state the answers in your listings. For me those questions have been: Is it from a smoke-free home? Is it from a pet-free home?

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