Quiet time with the Husband

Today I had a treat. My husband (who I won’t refer to as NDT, Jo!) took a half day holiday from work today and took me out for lunch. We went to La Tasca and enjoyed our last uninterrupted meal and calm daylit half hour which we will have for the next week and a half. Yep, school has broken up for half term, so I can look forward to a week of trying to find things to keep the boys amused (and I’m including Hubby in that!).

True to form, school has sent home a half term project for Cheeky again. This time they want him to “create a mobile representing ‘light and dark'”. Oh good. Something to keep Cheeky and Hubby entertained while Handsome and I find better things to do with our time!

But back to our meal. It was all a bit muddled up, really. We originally decided to have lunch in La Tasca because I had found a voucher entitling us to two for one on all tapas dishes. However, when I looked at it this morning, I found that it was only valid Sunday to Wednesday. Duh! And so then I remembered a £5 off voucher that I had for joining their online club. However (again), on closer inspection of that offer, it was likewise not valid for use today.

Never mind. They have a lunchtime offer of which we took advantage instead of these other promotions. I had already decided that I didn’t want a huge meal, so it suited me fine. The offer was a choice of any three tapas dishes and one of the set drinks (from the special lunchtime menu) for £7.95. We each chose three different options and then shared the lot – yummy! And then Hubby bought me a cake to have with a cup of tea after collecting the boys from school. I was spoilt rotten today!

When I got home, my Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness magazine was waiting for me, but i really wanted my cake so I’ve not opened it yet! I’ll save the guilt trip for tomorrow, when I’ll probably open it to find a whole feature about the perils of eating tapas and iced danish whirls. Ah well, it’ll get me back on track, I suppose. But I did really enjoy my meal out, and feel no guilt about the excess food that I consumed today. I might do tomorrow, but I’ll deal with that when I get to it!


4 Responses

  1. Sounds like you had a really good time, might have to drop some hints to hubby.

    I’ve escaped the homework, Danny hasn’t been given any. Hooray!

    If you’re looking for something to do on Monday or Tuesday we’re around, could go for a walk around the lake or something if the weather’s good.

  2. Moi? What did I do?!

  3. Compostgirl has to build a model Anderson shelter over half term…and I am being badgered to hold Forest School sessions in the wood for her and her friends EVERY DAY of the holiday….

    I have to do my tax return!!!!


  4. OK, I feel a bit bad now, especially as Husband will be doing this homework with him, not me (well, if he will book half term off work, what else does he expect!).

    A model Anderson shelter?? I’m thinking corrugated cardboard, a bit of green felt over the top to signify the grass that people planted over them, maybe mini cardboard bunk-beds to go inside…hmm! Actually, that could be fun! Some people used to pile soil etc over the shelters and grow stuff on them, didn’t they?? How detailed are you planning this to be?!

    Oh, and much sympathy for the tax return, I remember the time my Dad used to have to spend doing his. I regularly thank the powers that be that I’m employed by people who do that for me!

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