Keep your fingers crossed!

I have a favour to ask. My blogfriend Jenni, all the way over in Washington State, USA, is expecting her fifth baby next week, although she’s been getting the impression that he might feel like making an early appearance! I’d love it if you could all keep your fingers crossed for her and think positive thoughts for her labour. This way, if the power of positive thought is real, we can all help her birthing go that much smoother! If you’re the praying kind, cast a little prayer up there for her and her family. I’m going to be praying that she gets ample opportunity to rest, given the four other children who I’m sure will still want Mummy’s attention! It seems like she has a great network of family and friends around her to help out though, so I’m sure everything will be fine.

Jenni, I’m really looking forward (although probably not as much as you are right now!) to seeing some pictures of the new little Burns in the very near future! Best wishes and love for you and your growing family from my little corner of Wales! xxx


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  1. Fingers crossed and good thoughts flying across to her.

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