Ahhh, fond memories of school!

I saw this article today on the BBC news website about a classful of boys from a school on Australia who have been suspended just prior to graduating due to their antics to celebrate the end of school.

Now, I should qualify this; my year at school did NOT get suspended and neither did we do anything (particularly) offensive towards the end of our school careers. However, there was a mystery incident which I never heard the solution to, which occurred at some point during the last couple of years we were in school.

We arrived at school one day to find that the school hall was five inches deep in foam. Now, the mystery was that the hall had been locked by the caretaker the previous evening, and as far as he was concerned, had stayed locked all night. The windows were shut. My friends and I had absolutely no idea as to how it could have happened. I still would love to know the pranksters responsible, and how they managed to carry it out!

Anyone got any good stories like this from their schooldays, of great pranks carried out? I’m sure I can remember some more for the days to come (not carried out by me, of course, as I know my parents both read this!).


5 Responses

  1. I am looking forward with interest to see what comes next! lol

  2. On his last day in school, my hubby got there very early with some of his friends and they glued all the locks to the school and all the school gates closed, so noone could open the school when they got there… πŸ˜€

    I was a pretty good girl in school. I kind of regret not taking more risks now. The odd smoke in the bathroom in my rebellious teen years seems pretty tame now!!

  3. I would just have to wonder how you’d get your hands on that much foam.

    We would always saty late after school in the winter and hose down the parking lot so it would freeze. Well…not me, I just happened to be the first in the gate in the morning…and I had a key.

  4. That is another part of the mystery! It was a big school hall, more than capable of fitting in 1000 schoolchildren, and it looked as if there had been a snowstorm overnight! Perplexing!

  5. Those school kids have been all over the news here. They have gotten a sort of mini celebrity thing happening amongst their peers.

    Nothing exciting happened at our school that I know of. I kind of wish it had.

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