Happy Apple Day! (Any excuse to eat cake!)

Hats off to Compostwoman who pointed out earlier today that this is indeed Apple Day! In celebration and commemoration of that fact, I decided to have a go at a recipe posted by Mama Sophia for apple chocolate chip cake. It was my first attempt at baking using the American method of measuring in cups, and I felt very out of my comfort zone, doing without my kitchen scales!

However, the recipe turned out very well. I only made a half quantity as I wanted to make it as cup cakes rather than a tray bake, and I put extra cocoa in the mixture. I also had to add extra baking powder to the second lot of cupcakes to go in the oven as the first batch didn’t rise very well. The smell in the kitchen though, was to die for, and the taste of the first cupcakes, hot out of the oven, was fantastic!

I think that this recipe is a definite for Christmastime, with the cinnamon evoking definite festive memories! And it had a thumbs up from Hubby, Handsome and Cheeky, so I think they’ll be happy enough with a repeat of this creation!


7 Responses

  1. I was so thrilled to learn that you tried the recipe from my blog and overcame the challenge of measuring with cups. The photos are fantastic! (They make me want to make them in cupcake form.) I’ll be sure to add some extra baking powder as you’ve pointed out. This recipe does resemble more of a bread pudding than cake.

  2. Those look fabulous! I have terrible trouble with the cups thing too, and tend to bypass recipes with cups instead of good ole g or oz on them! 😀

  3. Sophia – it is a wonderful recipe which will be often-repeated, I think! The baking powder thing is really minor, especially as half of the first dozen cakes were eaten WAY before the second batch came out of the oven! That’s got to be a good sign about the recipe! But I can totally see why you recommend having the cake warm with ice cream – I’m looking forward to the next batch to try that (not enough left of this one now!!)

    Suzy2110 – First of all (and it bears repeating!) Happy Birthday! Secondly, I’ve avoided every recipe up until now which involved cups as well, but the lure of the chocolate chips and apple drew me in this time! I did actually look up the conversion to lbs and oz, but then realised that my new Rosemary Conley portion pots would work as measuring cups and so I used them instead – probably not the use that Rosemary envisaged for them, but never mind! Necessity is the mother of invention and all that!

  4. THANK you for quoting my post!

    A Little slice of Life http://littlesliceoflife.wordpress.com/

    has put up some excellent Apple Day related posts in the last week or so…including one from visiting my home hamlet! (but sadly I didn’t realise she was coming…..

    I am going to bake you recipe soon! whaen I have got my Forest School Leader assed session this week ( eeek!) out of my hair….

    MMM onderwhat it would be like made with our own apple juice as the liquid?

  5. ooooooops! freudian slip there!

    Leader ASSESSED session…..not leader assed…

    ( rolls eyes) its been a looong day here today………………

  6. Mmmmm, home made apple juice in the recipe sounds like a really good idea! We go through gallons of apple juice in this house (it’s the children’s drink of choice) so I really wish that we had the resources to produce our own!

  7. Yup, you can make those again! Yummy 🙂

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