I’m a surrogate sow!

…or a foster mummy to a piglet, or at least I was for a couple of hours this morning. Let me elucidate!

This morning, if you had been within a three mile radius of me, this would have been your soundtrack; “Pinky, get back in the pen! JO! PIGLETS ARE OUT! Cookie, you’re supposed to be recuperating! Get back behind that fence! Scratchy, Perky, I’m ashamed of you! Go home before I get very angry, you naughty little piglets! GET AWAY FROM THAT ROAD, BLOODY PIGLETS! Come on, piggy piggy piggies, come and get the tasty bready treat. I am NOT TELLING YOU AGAIN, you will have SMACKED BOTTOMS if you don’t move RIGHT NOW!

The piglets (four of them, anyway) escaped. You guessed? How did you manage that?! At the same time, Bailey decided that he had better placed to be than inside his pen, so I was chasing piglets around one part of the field while Jo was racing about, persuading Bailey to return to the correct side of his fence. At the same time (this is the ‘surrogate sow’ part) I had Bubble down the front of my jumper in an improvised papoose as she was freezing cold and shivering when we went to feed her this morning.

We got the piglets back in eventually, and moved part of the fence before turning back on the electric current to the fence. And eventually, Bubble warmed up and returned to the heart of her porcine family, just in time for lunch! With extra hay in her ark, she was able to snuggle in and keep nice and warm.

Hopefully I’ll have a photo tomorrow to show you of myself and Bubble, as Jo took some but I forgot my camera.


8 Responses

  1. It sounds like you had great fun. Good exercise piglet chasing!

  2. Nowhere near as good as chicken chasing – just you wait and see!

  3. […] thanks to B, and now Jennie’s endorsed the idea. She’s already blogged about being a surrogate mum to Bubble, but here’s the photographic proof: Jennie and Bubble – 19 October […]

  4. Sorry for laughing!!! I hope they won’t do it again, lol!

  5. What Jennie’s failed to mention is that the piglets only break out when she comes to visit. They stay put the rest of the time 🙂

    Must be coz they’re so pleased so see her!

  6. It’s true, they do seem to have a predilection to break out when I’m there. So, second thoughts, I’m suddenly incredibly busy tomorrow evening, Jo, and Wednesday is off too 😉

  7. How funny! And what an eye catching title!

  8. You’re let off the hook tomorrow (though you’re still welcome anyway!) but the sun should be shining on Wednesday… 🙂

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