Chocolate cake and shortbread

I’ve been busy today, doing lots of baking. My two good friends Jo and Maria are coming for tea this evening, and I promised Jo chocolate cake a long time ago. At the same time, I couldn’t leave Maria out, and so I decided to make her a special cake. She has coeliac disease and so can’t eat anything with gluten. I’ve made biscuits for her before, and made her some shortbread tooday, but I’d not tried cake until today. Well, that’s a slight fib, as I did try to make some fairy cakes a few years back for my other friend with coeliac disease, Helen, but they went terribly wrong and ended up looking more like yorkshire puddings than cup cakes!

So, I made one ‘normal’, gluten containing cake, and one gluten free chocolate fudge cake. And they both turned out remarkably well! I think the reason that the cake turned out better this time than last (it rose, for a start!) is because last time I used pure rice flour, whereas the flour I used this time is a blend of different gluten-free flours. It obviously makes a difference! The texture is good, not at all dry like some shop bought gluten free cakes I’ve tried. So I’ll definitely be making this one again! My taste testers (Handsome and Cheeky) and I have pronounced these cakes to be good enough for our guests! And, having been decorated my Cheeky and myself (I thought I better had, so that I could tell the difference between the gluten free and the other chocolate cakes!) they are, of course, beautiful!

The shortbread is remarkably similar to ‘gluten-full’ shortbread, but I think that the reason for that is probably because you would use cornflour in shortbread anyway. I made both plain and chocolate chip shortbread (the latter as a sort of experiment) although I did originally plan to do chocolate topped shortbread, but ran out of time.

I hope that my guests enjoy my home cooking. Chicken risotto for tea, with some lovely veggies added in too. Well, at least they shouldn’t go home hungry!


5 Responses

  1. And on that note, I’m packing up the pooter and heading over 🙂

  2. They look yummy!

  3. You should post the recipes, or are they a secret!! 😛 Those look amazing!

    Well, seeing as you insist…I’ll post the recipe later tonight! I’ve just had another bit of the cake, and it was worth every calorie!

  4. Sorry to make you all jealous but if you think they look good, you should have tasted them. Yummerty yummerson 😀

    Yeah, I need to make another cake for you to take home next! Completely forgot that I intended to send most of the choc cake home with you, and now we’ve eaten rather a lot of what was left! Oops!


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