Not much news today, as I’ve had a thoroughly, gloriously, decadently lazy day! I feel totally revitalised by it though, so it was absolutely worth it. I visited Welshpurpletree‘s new chickens, went for a drive with my mother and tried to find Pentwyn (a part of Cardiff which always manages to escape me, or, best case scenario, I see it just as I’m leaving it to go onto the dual carriageway! I will find my way there one day! I will also find my way to the new Waitrose, and also to Aldi, both of which are in Pentwyn. But not today, although progress was made, as I did see a sign pointing to Waitrose, even if it was the opposite way to the one I was driving in!), was made lunch by my Dad, read a book about self sufficiency and dreamed a little daydream and then made curry for tea with Cheeky while Mr Jennieworld and Handsome went for a run.

Yesterday, however, I e-mailed Cardiff County Council and put my name down for an allotment near to where I live. Apparently there’s a waiting list although I’ve no idea where I’d be on it. I could be waiting for up to a year, but even so I’m quite excited about the prospect. I’m already making mental lists of the fruit and vegetables which I enjoy, although before I started anything I’d be sure to get my mother involved on the planning of the plot! She would have to be supervisor in chief, if only for the first year or so!

How exciting!


2 Responses

  1. Pentwyn’s really not that difficult to get to. You just take the 1st exit off Eastern Avenue,if you’ve joined Eastern Avenue from Llanedeyrn Interchange, there’s a Nisa (or something like that) at the top of the ramp. To get to Waitrose you carry along that road, there’s yellow signs saying ‘supermarket’ that direct you there. Think Aldi might be next door to it.

  2. What a fantastic idea! Good luck with your allotment plans!

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