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‘Faecal bacteria’ – why not just say poo!

My daily trawl of the BBC News website has highlighted another disturbing news article, this time about the amount of ‘faecal bacteria’ on commuters’ hands in England and Wales – ewww! Makes me glad that I don’t generally have to use a bus more than once a week. And it also makes me think that I could get a bit obsessive about wearing rubber gloves every time I use public transport if this sort of bacteria is likely to be doing the rounds on Cardiff Bus!

Ewww, I wonder if it’s possible to travel by bus and not touch anything on the vehicle! I have absolutely no desire to repeat the sickness bug which we all suffered with last week. Maybe this could be another good reason to reconsider commuting by bike!

2 Responses

  1. Do you want an immune system or not?

    I do, but I don’t want to have to think about it, especially if this is what thinking about it feels like!

  2. That’s sooo minging….ewwwww!

    I have two horses, and somehow never mind their poo. Getting human poo all over my hands on the bus is another thing…

    I suppose you’re more aware of what you’re ‘getting into’ with horses, but you don’t expect to get some of your neighbour’s…bacteria on your hands after travelling on the bus!

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