Autumnal observations on a grey October day

We have had some lovely weather recently, but unfortunately it didn’t occur to me to take advantage of the weather to take some photos of the glorious reds, bronzes and yellows in the trees with the sunlight dappling the ground around the fallen foliage. And the weather forecast doesn’t look very promising for the next few days so I thought I’d better take some photos today before the rain makes all those glorious colours on the ground mushy.

The walk through the woods around Castell Coch on Sunday was really beautiful. I grew up in Mid Wales, in a house surrounded by trees. The abundance of trees and varying views depending on the season is something that I really miss now that I live in a city. I’m lucky in that we do have some nice trees around our home as well as a decent sized lawn area. However, that can’t compare with an acre and a quarter of garden surrounded with a couple of hundred trees!

I have been having very strong daydreams recently, in which I find a property within commuting distance of Cardiff for husband. The property is generally a decent sized house with a great big farmhouse style kitchen and then a few fields between us and the nearest neighbours. I’d have a big garden and would let Jo have the fields for the pigs and chickens. My children would be able to grow up running around in the countryside and I’d be able to enjoy the fresh air and peace and quiet which I grew up with. I’d have a larder filled with bottled and preserved home grown produce. And I’d still be within reach of Cardiff if I wanted an occasional bit of retail therapy! Is it such a foolish dream? I’ll keep buying the lottery tickets, anyway!

By the way, I know the photo above may be a little confusing. I know that it is of a strawberry blossom and some unripe fruit. But my strawberry plant is a little confused. Can someone please come and tell it that this is completely the wrong time of year to be trying to develop strawberries? Bless it!


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  1. I’ve been dreaming a lot about that recently. In fact, I even designed the perfect renovation project. A south facing hillside, an old cottage, a modern extension cunningly hidden from view by a hedge, an orchard / chicken run, small pig paddocks, huge vegetable patches, a doggie garden, a kids’ garden, a grown ups’ patio (with BBQ!), larger fields for horses and 2 house cows, a small wood, a duck pond with a floating island for their house (fox proof!), wood burning stoves and open fires, coming in from the cold and rain for a mug of coffee, looking out of the window and seeing the animals enjoying their lives as much as we enjoy ours…

    It’s not too much to ask for, surely?

  2. Wow that all sounds fab.

    Jennie, I thought you were going to buy a bus off Ebay to live in?

    That’s the budget version of the daydream!

  3. Love the pics! I’ve never somehow made it to Wales, and really hope to one day, sooner rather than later! It’s the last one of the UK countries I have to visit! I don’t know what’s up with your strawberries. My Dad rarely has tomatoes before November though, so I know how it is!

  4. Not a foolish dream at all – very lovely in fact!

    Thank you! Maybe I talk myself down a bit too often!

  5. […] got me thinking about my life: where I am now and where I want to go. Ok, so I was thinking about the latter anyway, but her post about being contented with her lot has got my brain […]

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