‘Aggressive’ spiders

I was referred to this article by Welshpurpletree – someone who shares my dislike (a mild term for what I feel!) for spiders. It concerns the influx of foreign spiders into our country due to the milder weather of recent years. It tells me that it is only a matter of time before black widow spiders become native to Britain, unless the climate suddenly becomes colder or at least more traditionally seasonal than it recently has been.

But the passage in the article which really concerns me and send shivers up and down my spine is as follows;

The tube web spider (Segestria florentina), another non-native biting spider, has also been on the move, spreading from the South Coast much further north.

It is a large spider, measuring between 1.5cm and 2.2cm (0.6-0.9in), with green iridescence on its jaws.

Mr Hine said: “In spider terms, it has to be said that this is an aggressive spider.

“If you approach it, it raises its legs and bares its fangs.

“Most spiders will back away – this one will jump at you and bite.”

Are you kidding me? Are you actually kidding me? It’s only in recent years that I’ve got brave enough to trap a spider in a pint glass rather than sitting and watching it until another adult comes to my rescue. And now they’re telling me that the spider might actually jump at me as I approach it with my large glass? Well, to hell with playing nicely and showing mercy if that’s going to be the case. I’m changing to the zero tolerance policy of a rolled up newspaper. A flat spider is less likely to try to leap at me with it’s teeth (fangs, pincers, whatever) bared than is a live, moving one.

And you can talk to me until you are blue in the face about the benefits of spiders controlling the ecological cycle with the fly-eating and everything. I DON’T CARE! If a shiny, furry, scaly (take your pick) spider is heading towards me or mine with an aggressive look in it’s eyes (or it’s gait as I don’t intend getting close enough to make eye-to-eye contact) then you can bet your life that I will be making mashed spider fairly soon thereafter. Call it survival of the fittest, my contribution towards the ecological cycle or my input as having a higher position in the food chain!

2 Responses

  1. Oh Jennie,
    Your post about spiders was brilliantly written. I am also terrified of spiders…. (shudders as I type!!) but the way you put the aggressive spider post across just cracked me up and I am still chuckling now!! (maybe a nervous laugh??) I am with you wholeheartly… I do try honest I do to leave spiders alone but when cornered then the hit lady comes out in me and I am afraid its terminate spider time. I know they are good natural things but my fear is very real. I don’t know why but the little critters just seem to come after me……….
    And now I think their is the remotest chance of a tube web spider lurking well I am afraid you are looking at the new upgraded spider terminator!! Yuck… shudder, shake and scream… Ohhhhhhh my god how awful.. jump at you and bite.. Ohhh I need to lie down!!
    I don’t know what it is but there are these big bulbous spiders all over the place in the garden at the moment, making webs across walk ways.. I am sick of screaming loudly when I blindly blunder into one.. my OH jumped out of his skin the other day after I had accidently walked into this dam sticky web and ended up with web and spider wrapped around my body, I had no idea that I could scream and strip so quickly!!
    I am now learning and when I first go out in the morning when there are webs all over the place I have found this piece of plastic pipe that I wave in the air ahead of me to clear away any webs and thus avoid any possible spider web incidents.. I look like a blind plumbers mate waving my grey pipe around to find my way….
    Anyway… brilliant post and thanks for the warning!!! (help!!)
    Jane xxx

    You’ve got me chuckling now at the image of you flailing a piece of pipe around your head! I wish I could see that!

    Thanks for your kind comment x

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