Ketchup has been banned in some schools – what will be next?

I was amazed to read that Vale of Glamorgan county council have banned ketchup from being bought in and served in primary schools across the county due to the health risks for the pupils. And this only a few days after Ceredigion County Council decided that Marmite and lemon curd were unsuitable to be eaten by children in school breakfast clubs and that only low sugar preserves and low fat spreads may be served with toast.


What will be next? Some bread has high sugar and salt content; will that be next on the prohibited list? Have they examined the cereals that they serve to make sure that the sugar content isn’t too high? Maybe the fructose in fruit will be determined to prove too risky for the sake of the dental hygiene of the schoolchildren.

OK, so the deep friend Mars Bars and ‘chips with everything’ policy of my own secondary school wasn’t the best and I’m glad that some efforts are being made to offer healthier choices but this is taking it to extremes. Surely we should be teaching our children about eating certain foods in moderation rather than avoiding things altogether? I’m glad that things like turkey twizzlers seem to be off school menus now, but there needs to be a balance between providing good, nourishing food for the schoolchildren and picking on foods which are only really unhealthy when eaten in larger amounts than is generally the case.

You couldn’t make this stuff up! I wish someone had, but few people have the requisite imagination!


2 Responses

  1. I heard about this on the radio and had exactly the same thoughts … until they interviewed a guy from the Vale, who explained that in future, they would be producing their own, home-made ketchup and they were trying to move away from mass produced products where a home-made variety could be more easily (and cheaply) made. Which sounds like an excellent reason to me.

    Still don’t get why Marmite’s banned though. As far as Weight Watchers are concerned, it doesn’t even register on the points scale!

    That’s all well and good in theory though, but I really can’t see the kitchen staff in every school in the Vale taking the time to make home-made ketchup each time they serve burgers, and their own stuff probably wouldn’t keep as well as Heinz.

  2. You beat me to it, I was going to do a post about this. It’s not like you eat marmite and ketchup by the spoonful, unless you’re a bit odd.

    Did you mean to write ‘deep friend Mars Bars’?

    No, I didn’t; it must have been a Freudian slip! (Only joking, I’ve never eaten a deep FRIED mars bar and I have no desire at all to start!)

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