Cheese Scones

Thanks to the inpiration and temptation of my new blogfriend Suzy I made some cheese scones for our tea this evening. I used mexicana cheese rather than cheddar and they went down very well with my family!

If you fancy making some you should head over to Suzy’s blog where she recently posted recipes for both sweet and savoury scones – mmm! Just the thing for autumnal afternoons!


5 Responses

  1. I love cheese scones. Might have to make some later, and the really good thing about them is that hubby isn’t keen so they last longer.

  2. […] 14, 2008 by welshpurpletree Thanks to Jennie’s post yesterday I was thinking about cheese scones all day.  So as soon as Oliver fell […]

  3. Aw, I am glad you liked the recipe- yours look like they turned out much better than mine! 😀

  4. l made cheese scones last week l really liked them, they were very nice,l made about 12 of them in the afternoon by 8pm in the night they were all gone my kids could not stop eating until they were all finished.
    thanks for the recipe

  5. I’m glad you enjoyed them. I’ve not made these for ages – a cold weekend might be the perfect excuse! And I know what you mean about them not hanging around long; I can’t resist fresh warm scones either!

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