Christmas has come early! Introducing Susie Saxophone!

My Daddy, that lovely lovely man, decided that he should buy me a very extravagant and gorgeous Christmas present. Trouble being, that once he got the idea, he couldn’t wait until Christmas and so today I had my very own ‘mini-Christmas’! And here is my wonderful, eagerly anticipated and long-desired present – Susie Saxophone! She’s a tenor sax, which is an instrument that I’ve wanted to play for a long time. I played the trumpet all through school, although my playing of that instrument has slipped slightly in recent years! However, Handsome has decided that he’d like to play the trumpet, so we can be novices at our instruments together! I’ve got all of my books from back when I was learning the trumpet first at the tender age of nine, so I’ll have to have a rootle through Mum and Dad’s garage so that they can be pressed into service.

It’s not all novice doom and gloom though; I’ve already managed to get a few good and solid Bs, As and Gs out of it, as well as some ropy Fs, Es and Ds (although it’s only fair to point out that I’ve had more squeaks than any of these notes thusfar, but this is only day one  and I’m realistic in not expecting perfection right off)! On Monday I plan to buy a book for beginners so that I can truly start from scratch.

My Dad also had his Christmas present early, this one bought by Mum. The guitar doesn’t (to my knowledge) have a name as yet, although you’ll have to ask him. It has to be a ‘G’ name (for the purposes of alliteration), so ideas here or directed to his blog please!


4 Responses

  1. What a cool gift!!! Wishing you many hours of pleasure from it!

    As for the guitar- here are all the names beginning with G that I can think of. Somehow I think of a guitar as being masculine (I don’t know why!!) but I will try and come up with both boy and girl names!

    Gareth, Grant, Gerard, Gaheris, Gawaine, Gavin, Gerald, Godfrey, Gifford, Gus

    Geraldine, Giselle, Gillian, Gemma, Greta

    OK, off the top of my head, it’s the best I can do!!!!

    Thank you very much for the wishes and the ideas – I was thinking of a boy name as well, I think because it belongs to my Dad, and because, like you, I think of guitars as boys rather than girls!

  2. Yay, you got it! With a stand and everything! It looks lovely. I’m sure your neighbours will love it too (and handsome’s trumpet playing)

    Yeah, I think they’re in for a treat!

  3. Thanks for the suggestions Suzy2110. Not much hope for alliteration I’m afraid. Giselle is getting close but I am more of a Claudia man myself!

  4. […] My wife generously bought it for me recently (“Early Christmas present” she said) to accompany my daughter on her tenor saxophone. We are both starting from scratch and it might be some time before we can make a joyful noise […]

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