You see? Chocolate IS the elixir of life!

Well, nearly! I am shamelessly stealing this link about ten things you didn’t know about chocolate at the Ethical from Welshpurpletree (not quite shamelessly given that I’m crediting her, but dramatic licence dahling!)

The very first fact on the list of things which is not commonly known about chocolate is that it is good for coughs, due to some fancy chemical that I can’t be bothered to type out which does something good and relieving to your throat when you can’t stop coughing. You see! Ha! To all of you who have sniggered and made oh-so-funny comments when you hear about my giving my coughing-himself-red-in-the-face child chocolate at midnight to ease his throat, this one’s for you. HA! The veracity of my claim is substantiated! I am earth mother (or at least Cadbury mother, but we won’t go there!). People should bow down before me and consult me before making any large and important decisions. I am a Sage (not the herb, before someone makes a funny).

I’m going to stick my head in a large bucket of ice now, to try to ease the swelling!


2 Responses

  1. Oh dear or dear! She’s off again!
    A word of advice – don’t argue with her, she has an irritating habit of being RIGHT! And, believe me, I should know!

  2. Oh your post just made me feel infinitely better! I came here this morning for a reason. I have been kicking myself because I went on a chocolate binge last night after being so good on my diet for the last few days bemoaning that I had added ALL those empty calories. Now I feel better and yes even that cough is gone 🙂

    I’m glad I helped you to feel better! And I think you have to splash out every now and again on a diet just to help you to stay on course the rest of the time! I’m also pleased that somewhere semi-‘official’ has substantiated my claim, as I’ve been convinced by the efficacy of chocolate in soothing a throat for many years – cheaper than cough medicine and it tastes better!

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