Cheeky’s crafting attempt!

I just thought I’d share with you Cheeky’s latest crafting attempt. One of his teachers is leaving tomorrow on maternity leave and he wanted to make her a card to wish her good luck (bless him!). So, I basically plonked all the materials in front of him, showed him which order the letters should go in and left him to it. I think he did OK! I hope his teacher likes it tomorrow!

All of the children in the class seem to be getting quite excited about her baby – they’re only four, so barely more than babies themselves which makes it even cuter to see! he’s such a patient and kind teacher though, and I’m sure all the children will miss her, but she’s stronger than I would have been, managing to run round after thirty four and five year olds all day until her 36th week of pregnancy! I think she deserves full credit for that one!

I’m afraid that I need to take credit for the appalling photo in poor light. However, in my defence the card is actually lilac and so it’s not quite so dark as you might first imagine. Also, he made it this evening and will be taking it to school in the morning so it is more than likely that if I hadn’t photographed it tonight I probably would have forgotten tomorrow.

I think he shows some promise! And he’s already asking if he can make more cards – he’ll regret that when I put him on the Christmas card production line!!


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